Lyndale Garden | #gbFling2016


On the first day of our whirlwind garden tour we stopped at the beautiful Lyndale Park Gardens.  This site is a combination of rose garden, perennial garden, and annual garden, all tucked into a neighborhood near Lake Harriet.

We were first greeted with rows upon rows of colorful roses.   They were in various stages of bloom, but I loved seeing all the different types.  The scent of roses really made the experience stand out.

My favorite part was within the perennial/annual garden.  There were several raised bed gardens – each with a different color flower theme.  So often you see a large bed of the same flower type.  This was a nice treat to see so many different flowers that all matched each other.  This part inspired me to start a “purple garden” in my front yard.  I’ve been struggling for a theme up until now, but seeing these beds really inspired me to try my own.

A neat highlight is the giant bee’s nest in the middle of the park.  It was large enough for people to walk through.  There were also beautiful fountains and gates throughout the park.

This is a park that I would bring my family to.  We didn’t have time to visit the butterfly garden or the peace garden, so I would like to spend some time exploring those.








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