Meadow Sage

Last fall I found a good deal on some Meadow Sage plants.  I loved that their blooms were a beautiful bright purple color.  This spring I discovered that sage is quite a spreader – the plant somehow doubled in size over the winter.  I plan to split the current plants this fall so that I … More Meadow Sage

Allium Flowers

I first fell in love with Alliums during the garden tours last summer with the Garden Bloggers Fling in the Twin Cities.  The height, color, and shape really caught my eye and I knew that I had to plant some in my garden. I did some research and found that alliums are planted as a … More Allium Flowers

Wild for Pollinators

Late last fall I decided to completely redo my garden in the front of our house.  I had recently added a border garden between my neighbor’s yard and my own.  In order to make the two gardens look more cohesive I decided to make them one big (long) garden.  It now runs along the front … More Wild for Pollinators

My 5 Gallon Garden

I have tried to grow a real nice vegetable garden over the last few years but have struggled due to having such sandy soil in parts of my yard.  This year I decided to try out an alternative – one that would guarantee me much better soil for the summer. In an effort to add … More My 5 Gallon Garden

Growing Tulips

I must preface by saying that I LOVE growing tulips!  Their petals are so soft and colorful that I just can’t help but sit and look at them in the garden.  Each year I plant more and more with the hope that one day that garden will look like the tulip fields in the Netherlands. … More Growing Tulips