My First (Herbal) Tea Garden

As a way to keep gardening during the long, long winters in Minnesota I like to start plants inside in the fall and then re-plant them outside in the spring.  This winter I was looking for more practical plants – something I can use for more than just a bit of green inside.  While searching online I came across the concept of growing your own herbal tea to either steep for yourself, or package as gifts.  Since I love tea this seemed like the perfect project for the winter.  Love of tea + indoor gardening = free tea!

For my first attempt at growing tea leaves I decided to only grow three herbs; chamomile, lavender, and spearmint.  If the tea doesn’t work out at least my kitchen will smell fresh!  I found some cute pots at Menards and made my own markers to put in each.  Within a week sprouts were already popping up from the chamomile and lavender.  Once they are large enough I can cut the tops of their stems off and brew them, or dry the stems to brew at a later time.

If this works out this winter I will definitely plan to start a tea garden in the spring so that I can have more leaves to dry.

Tea Garden
My first attempt at growing my own herbal tea!

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