Cheap & Easy Way To Dress Up Your Front Door

Dressing up Front Door
Added some gladiola plants to our front steps.

This summer I was looking for a way to add some color and plants to our front door.  We also don’t have railings on our front steps, so I wanted to add a bit of a natural barrier/railing so people don’t get too close to the edge.  We found some fun, light weight planting pots at Target (under $3 each) this summer and some Gladiola bulbs on sale at Menards (around $2 for a bag of 24).

We filled the pots with soil to about the half way point.  My daughter and I each took a pot and made a layer of bulbs on top of the soil.  Lastly we added about four inches of soil on top of the layer of bulbs.  We put the pots on the front step and already there was more color than the last 10 years combined at this house!  Every few days we would check on the plants to see who’s pot was “winning”.  My pot actually started to sprout first, but my daughter quickly informed me that I was wrong and that was in fact her pot.

This was very fun for us to do together.  The plants sprouted fun green leaves at least a foot tall, and remained brightly colored through the whole summer.  They never ended up blooming (which is fine), so I’m thinking the bulbs were just too close together, or not planted deep enough.  The bulbs worked perfectly for what we were going for though – color and greenery!  After the first frost I plan to dig up the bulbs and store them inside over the winter.  Next year I will plant them somewhere else in the yard to see if they bloom, and find a different bulb to experiment with in our pots.

Next year I would like to add some more, but for now this was a good start.  In Summer of 2016 we are getting a new driveway and front step/sidewalk so I think that will help a ton!

Dressing up the front door
Adding a couple pots to the front door.

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