Perks To Growing A Strawberry Patch

Strawberries were the first fruit I began growing in my garden.  Freshly picked strawberries taste so much better than store bought strawberries.  I started off only buying four or five strawberry plants.  Each year I was excited to see them multiply.  Eventually I was able to start an entire strawberry patch within the garden.  Every spring I crawl through the garden and pull out any plants that didn’t make it through the winter and any weeds I spot.  After that, I dig up the plants that have “escaped” from the patch and plant those in any bare spots.  The remaining strawberry plants then get dug up and shared with friends and family.

Having homegrown strawberries allows us to get many pounds of berries each year – for free!  It makes me smile every time my daughter walks through the garden and is able to eat the fruit right from the bush.  I love having that healthy option for her to grow up with.  Since she loves eating the strawberries so much, I have a hard time getting many back into the house to cook with.  This year we had an awesome crop so I was able to pick several colanders full of strawberries and still leave many for her to snack on.

First Batch of Strawberries
One of Many Bowls of Strawberries Picked This Summer!

After washing the berries off I usually pack them for snacks to bring to work each day.  This year I had enough that I was able to freeze several bags to use later for wine and jam.  I will post updates once I get each of those made.

Don’t worry about growing these berries, they are extremely easy and hardy.  The only maintenance that I do on them through the season is just general hand-weeding, filling in any bare spots, and spreading grass clippings along the ground for a mulch.

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