Best Time To Stock Up On Plants

Plants on Sale
Purchases from End-of-Season Sales!

There are a few opinions on when the best time to get new plants is.  Me personally, I like to pick them up when they are the cheapest!  By waiting until mid-July you will be able to find great deals on the plants remaining at the garden centers.  Purchasing plants this way allows you to get two – three times the number of plants you would have gotten earlier in the season at the same price.  The only downside is that you will be limited in your options of what plants are still left.  Certainly if there is a plant that you really, really want to add to your garden; budget to have that be one you pick up at full price in the beginning of the season while it’s still available.  Since I’m not to picky at this point, it works best for me to wait and get more for my money.  I have also found that by doing it this way I end up with a lot of diversity in my garden.

Found a Rose Bush Over 50% Off
Found a Great Deal on a Rose Bush

Recently I walked through a few garden centers near my house and was able to get some great deals on perennials and fruit shrubs.  The most common deals were 50-70% off or buy one-get one.  I took advantage of that and picked up some great new shrubs and flowers to add to my garden.  I’m still on the lookout for some discounted herbs to add!

In addition to looking through the plants, I also made sure to check out the yard products and accessories.  For some reason I loose garden gloves like I loose socks; one at a time.  I was able to stock up on new cute gloves at Menards – they were on sale 3 for $0.99.  A few days later I actually went back and purchased more gloves because it was such a great deal for stocking up on gloves.  There was also a great sale on weed killers.  Since none of my neighbors maintain their lawns, I always like to have some on hand to keep my yard weed free.

My favorite find this month were blueberry plants on sale for 1/2 price.  I planted both in my berry garden already.  In a couple summers we will have a ton of blueberries to pick!

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