Our Weekend Mother/Daughter Garden Project

My four year old daughter loves to help in the garden, so I like to find projects that she can do with me.  This weekend I picked out two smaller rocks from my boarder garden and told my daughter to pick out 10 of her favorite little river rocks from the backyard.  My initial plan was to make a whole family of ladybugs.  When I explained to my daughter what we were making she asked why we weren’t making bumblebees.  I thought about it a moment and realized bumblebees would work just the same – great idea kiddo!

Supplies for Ladybugs & Bees
Supplies for Ladybugs & Bees

The only supplies we needed were:

  • Rocks of various sizes (we tried to find smooth ones to make it easier to paint)
  • Yellow outdoor spray paint (found at Home Depot for under $5.00)
  • Red outdoor spray paint (found at Home Depot for under $5.00)
  • Black indoor/outdoor paint pen (found at Michaels on clearance for under $3.00)

On Day 1, we spray painted (really she told me which ones to paint

Our family of bugs prior to decorating.
Our family of bugs prior to decorating

& I did all the spray painting) half of the rocks red and the other half yellow.  We left the rocks out over night to dry.  On Day 2, we used the paint pen to draw on the ladybug dots and the bumblebee stripes.  I let her decorate on her own, so some of the ladybugs have triangle spots or lines and some bumblebees have dots and scribbles.  Personally, I like them better this way than if I would have told her how to decorate.

Our family of ladybugs.
Our family of ladybugs

Now we have a family of ladybugs and a family of bees to put in our garden for some fun color.  My daughter was so proud of her final product!

Our family of bees.
Our family of bees

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