Easy DIY Garden Markers

DIY Garden Markers 4

As my garden begins to grow I find myself forgetting what I planted where. The plants that I purchase from the nursery come with a nice tag that I can plop in the dirt next to it…but I have a 4 year old who like to pull those out.

There are many types of garden markers available online and at garden shops. They range from very elaborate markers you may find at William Sonoma or Pottery Barn to really basic markers from the dollar section at your local Target.

My goal with this project was to create something that fit my style of being a laid back, easy going gardener as well as be cost efficient so that I’m not spending a small fortune every summer.  In my quest for the perfect marker, I also wanted to make sure it was a project that my daughter could help with. She loves gardening and wanted to have a say in the colors.

This project only required three items to purchase:

  • Wooden Markers – I found mine at Michaels in a 2-pack for under $3.
  • Spray Paint – Picked up at Home Depot for under $7.  Be sure to pick up a paint that is marked as an “outdoor” paint.
  • Paint Pen – Available at Michaels in either a single pack or multi pack.  I purchased the single for less than $3.  Again, make sure you are picking up one that is either marked as “outdoor” paint or “waterproof” paint.

The process took a few days.  On day 1 I spray painted a nice coating on the front, top and sides of the wooden marker.  The spray paint recommended letting it dry for 24 hours.  On day 2 I sprayed a coat of color the back of the marker.  On day 3 I used the paint pen to write the name of the plant.

I am glad that I used a bright color for these markers. The red stands out really nice against all of the green.

DIY Garden Marker 1

DIy Garden Marker 2

DIY Garden Marker 3

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