Growing Marigolds for Free

GrowingMarigolds 2 (1)

I have to share a secret that I learned last fall about Marigolds. Being a newer gardener, it is always very exciting to learn a time-saving or money-saving trick.  This little gem comes from my dad, via my aunt.

Did you know that you only have to buy Marigolds one time? That’s right – only once!  I typically avoid buying annuals because they only last for one season.  Well, you can purchase as many annuals as you want in Year 1 and then after that you will never have to pay for them again!

During Year 1 just plant and water the flowers as usual.  Keep an eye on the flowers themselves.  They will bloom into very vibrant colors and then soon after will begin to wilt.  Keep the bloom on the plant and let it dry out.  It seems crazy – but this is brilliant!

Once the bloom is completed dried out (crunchy to the touch) just pull the top off (deadhead the flower).  Put the dried blooms aside in a dry location to store until next spring.  I suppose you could use them right away too. Minnesota has such short growing seasons, I just keep everything until the following year.

Once you are ready to plant your new Marigolds, just open the bloom and pull out the long slender seeds.  You will find that each dried bloom holds a very large number of seeds – several dozen even!  Plant these seeds as normal and continue the process.  You will never have to purchase marigolds again!

GrowingMarigolds 2 (4)
Lovely Marigold in full bloom.
GrowingMarigolds 2 (2)
The Marigold bud has begun to dry out – you can pinch it off now.

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