Plant a Row for the Homeless

Ever have a moment where an opportunity presents itself at the very time you were looking for one? Lately I have been looking for ways that I can give back and help others around me. I came across a tweet from Union Gospel Mission and knew that I was meant to see it.

Union Gospel Mission is asking for people to plant a row of food and donate the crops to a local food shelf. I can do that! I have more than enough room to add an extra row of plants. In exchange for doing the growing, Union Gospel Mission will provide the seeds.

I recently received my squash seeds in the mail and am eager to get them started! There are several food shelves near me so I will be able to bring the squash plants to them as soon as they are ready.

Sometimes it is the little things that can help the most. I had been looking for a way to help others and now can feel happy knowing that I am providing others with food this summer.

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