Noerenberg Gardens | #gbFling2016


Last summer I joined the Garden Bloggers Fling that was hosted in the Twin Cities.  I was excited to get out and explore these new gardens in my own are.  One of my favorite gardens that we visited was the Noerenberg Gardens in Wayzata.

I enjoyed that the gardens were tucked away, just off a busy road, right on the shore of Crystal Bay on Lake Minnetonka.  The gardens were small enough that you could easily see all of the features in one afternoon.

The site was once the property of Grain Belt Brewery founder, Frederick Noerenberg.  His family left the property to the Three Rivers Park District in 1972.  They removed the family house and have maintained the gardens on the property ever since.

There was a wide variety of flowers through out the gardens. I enjoyed seeing so many new varieties that I wanted to try to grow in my yard.  I was excited to see so many monarch butterflies attracted to the garden.





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