Honey Badger Gloves | Review


Recently I learned of a new patent-pending gardening glove on the market – the Honey Badger Glove.  Unlike other garden gloves available, these come with unique “claws” at the end of one hand.  Why you ask? The claws are there to help you dig efficiently through compact soil; just like a badger were to dig with their claws.

After trying out the gloves in my garden for the last month I can confidently say that they are my new favorite gloves.  With other gloves I would end up with so much dirt under my finger nails and wear out the tips of the gloves from digging.  I was amazed after the first time I wore the Honey Badger Gloves that I didn’t have any dirt under my nails!

I hadn’t realized how much digging with my hands I had been doing in the garden until I starting using the Honey Badger Gloves.  Even tasks as small as filling soil in around a new plant was so much easier with my new “claws”.

When you purchase the gloves you can choose from a variety of sizes and colors.  You are also able to select which hand your claws come on.  The first pair that I tried had the claw on my right hand (my dominant hand).  Everything was great until it was time to start weeding. It felt really strange and a bit awkward to pull weeds with extra length on my fingers.  I switched and used the gloves with the claws on my left hand and prefer those much more.

The fingers of the gloves are coated in a thick layer of latex.  This has been a big plus when working in the garden after a rain or watering.  I hate the feeling of wet gloves on my fingers; it was a welcome change to have dry hands after taking of my Honey Badger Gloves.  I feel that the quality of the latex will prevent my gloves from wearing out so fast as well.

All in all, I love my new gloves! If you are looking for something new and functional I would recommend picking up a pair for yourself. They are available online at their website, as well as Amazon.





Note: I received a free pair of Honey Badger Gloves in exchanged for a review on their product. All photos and opinions are my own.



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