Growing Iris Plants

iris cover

Every spring I look forward to seeing my iris plants begin to bloom.  These are generally one of first to begin sprouting leaves, so I know that the rest of my flowers will start blooming shortly after.

These are great plants for having a tall green plant through the fall season.  The flowers will begin to bloom in late spring/early summer and last a few days.

I love to look in the flower and see the amazing designs and colors. It reminds me of a butterfly’s wings.

Most of my iris plants are purple bearded iris.  These multiply quite a bit each year so I find myself either splitting and replanting or giving away to friends and family.

There was a new, deep purple iris in my backyard this year.  For the last three years I had assumed that this was a weird looking day lily.  The plant never once bloomed, so I had no reason to suspect otherwise.  The leaves were similar width to the day lilies it was planted next too – the only main difference was that the leaves stood straight up instead of droopy like a day lily.  To my surprise it finally bloomed this summer. Instead of the yellow/gold lily I was expecting, a beautiful deep purple iris appeared.

These plants are pretty hardy and don’t require much hands-on attention.  A good starter plant for those new to gardening!

These are a few of the iris plants in my yard. Enjoy!

iris 6

iris 4

iris 3

iris 2


2 thoughts on “Growing Iris Plants

  1. These are so lovely! The colours are gorgeous. I may look to planting some of my own once I have my current project up and on it’s feet. When would you say is the best time of year to start growing Iris’?


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