Tiered Herb Garden


There are so many different types of gardens to choose from. This summer I plan to experiment with some new methods of gardening.  Since my yard isn’t very large I wanted to try vertical gardening.  Vertical gardening is a creative way to grow plants and flowers  you have limited space.  Instead of planting everything side by side, there are techniques you can use to plant on top of/above other plants. This particular herb garden project allows you to plant six different herbs and only take up one square foot of space on the ground. The best part of the project was that it only took 30 minutes to put together – and that was with the help of my 5 year old assistant.

There were only a few supplies needed for the tiered herb garden.

  • Garden Soil
  • 4 Plant Pots (different sizes)
  • 6 Herb Plants
  • Gardening Gloves
  • Garden Spade


You will want to to start with the largest pot.  Make sure that all of your pots have holes at the bottom for water to drain out of.  Next, place a small pot, upside down, in the middle of the largest pot.

You can begin adding garden soil into the largest pot, filling it in around the small, upside down, pot.  While filling, keep the center open so that the next pot can rest in that space.  Once the garden soil nears the top of the pot, choose three herbs to plant.  I spaced my herbs out around the top, but certainly you can place them as you wish.


13The next step will be to add your medium sized pot to the center.  Fill in the soil around the pot so that it sits securely.  You can fill the medium pot with garden soil.  Choose two more herbs to plant; one on each side of the pot.



Finally you can place the third, smallest, pot on top of the medium pot.  Fill this pot with soil and plant the final herb in the center.


Choose an area that will get a good amount of sunlight and be sure to water regularly.  I chose to place my tiered herb garden on my front step for a nice welcoming splash of color near my front door.  The herbs are excellent for picking fresh while cooking, or for drying to use on a later recipe.

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