Starting Spring Seeds


In Minnesota, spring always seems to take forever to arrive.  Winter manages to hang on longer and longer each year.  As soon as we get the first warm weekend I like to start my spring seeds.  Starting them indoors helps to remind me that spring will be here soon.

This year my daughter wanted to help out with the planting.  Over a weekend we were able to get two trays of seeds ready for the greenhouse in our dining room.  I picked up some inexpensive seed trays from Menard’s, potting soil, and a variety of seeds.

While I was outside filling the tray with potting soil I gave my daughter the job of making the seed markers.  I had found a pack of wood markers on clearance last year, so she started with those.  Once those ran out she used some Popsicle sticks.

We have been busy working with our daughter with her writing and spelling so I thought it was a good fit for her to label the markers.

As soon as those were ready, we planted the seeds and then added a marker for each row.  I have a terrible memory and as much as I try to remember which plants are which, I have accepted that I need plant markers in my life.

The seed trays were now ready to put in the greenhouse.  Hopefully we get most of them to sprout.  My daughter was so excited with the final project!





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