Upcycled Garden Art | California Style


My cousin in California recently shared some really adorable photos of planters that she made out of antiques.  I loved not only how unique they turned out, but the super creative way the antiques were upcycled.  Plus, everything is cooler in California, right?!

Morgan had been working on some ideas for her patio when her mom came home with some unique antique pieces.  By combining her natural creativity, and some ideas from Pinterest, she got to work creating these new planters.  She already had paint on hand, so the rest came pretty easy.

“I just transformed them into something I could put our succulents in! (Which are the best plants because they are so easy to manage).”

Vintage shops and second-hand stores are great places to pick up old goods and transform them into something new and fun!  I can’t wait to check out a new shop and see what it may have in store for my garden.

The supplies for Morgan’s two plant holders
Just by adding some faux moss it allows the plant to sit higher
I love how this one looks like a hanging sun


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