Upcycled Garden Art


A few weekends ago I met up with Suzi from Blue Car Painted Green to check out some fun vintage shops along the Minnehaha Mile. We had a great time connecting over shared interests and checking out neat vintage treasures.

While at Junket: Tossed & Found I found a display with hundreds of letters in all shapes and sizes.  Luckily it was all sorted very well and each bin held a different letter.  I found some fun small black tiles with white sparkly letters on them and immediately fell in love.  These may have been previously used on some outdoor promotional signing based on the shape. The hard part was to think of something creative on the spot that I could spell out…and to make sure all of the letters were available.  After a few failed attempts, I came out with the letters for “GROW”.

Now that I had my letters I waited for the ideas on how to use them to start flowing.  I found a four-pack of shrimp skewers at the Dollar Tree and decided they would be perfect for hot-gluing the letters on to.  My thought was that it would be fun to set the skewers in to glass beer bottles (cleaned, obviously) and fill them with rocks for stability.  Well, that idea turned out a lot better in my head than in person so I quickly scrapped that one.  I realized that maybe simplicity is the best.  I was really liking how the letters were looking on their own, so I’ve decided to leave them like that and stick them in the ground once the snow melts.

I’m not yet sure which part of the garden I will put these in, but I’m sure something will stand out once the snow is gone and I can see all of the flowers sprouting up.

My letters & skewers
Final product! Now I just need to warm up outside.

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