DIY Terrariums | Under $5!


I love how calming and peaceful terrariums make me feel.  While looking through garden shops for terrariums I realized that these can be quite expensive.  I was on a mission to find a way to make one for my house, but without dropping a small fortune.

While walking through the Dollar Tree recently it occurred to me how I can make a terrarium for at home – and for under $5!

I had purchased a small cactus at Home Depot for $2.  From there I picked up a glass jar and a bag of small rocks from the Dollar Tree for $2.  I had some potting soil on hand in my garage so I took two cups of that out of the bag.  Hard to estimate the cost, but since the bag was under $3 and I used such a small amount for the terrarium, I am going to say $0.50.

We started out by filling the bottom of the jar with the small rocks.  Once filled, we added half of the potting soil to the glass jar.  Ever so carefully we planted the cactus into the soil, then poured the rest of the soil in the jar.

For an added bit of flare, I pulled out some ribbon and colorful brads.  We measured enough ribbon to warp around the neck of the jar and then bound the ends together with a fun brad.

These would be a fun housewarming or hostess gift that won’t cost a fortune to make, and can be personalized with colorful flowers or ribbon.

Supplies: glass jar, small rocks, potting soil, and cactus
diy terrarium
I love the look of cactus plants

diy terrarium 2

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