DIY Aloe Cubes


Earlier I told you about how easy it was to grow Aloe Vera at home. The benefits within an Aloe plant are endless.  Here is a super easy DIY project you can make at home this weekend.  These DIY Aloe Cubes will come in handy next time you are in need of some quick skin relief.

The process to get the aloe vera gel out is very fast, simple, and a bit messy (great for kids!).

Cut the leaf in half lengthwise to split it open.  Scoop the aloe gel out and either use on your skin right on the spot, or refrigerate it for up to a couple days. Another option would be to pour the gel into an ice cube tray to freeze some gel cubes to have on hand year-round. For my daughter’s aloe cubes, she found it easier to just squeeze the “goo” out of the leaf.

Spread the gel on the affected area and let it stay until your skin feels relief.  It’s like having a bottle of fresh aloe vera gel at your fingertips – for free! The cooling feeling kicks in right away and helps with any ailments that you may experience out in the garden, raking your yard, or when cooking up those yummy foods you just picked from your garden or farmer’s market.

aloe supplies
Pretty easy supply list

sliced aloe
Slice the Aloe leaves in half
scooping aloe
Scoop the Aloe “guts” into an ice cube tray
squeezing aloe
Little hands may prefer to just squeeze the “goo” out.

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