Blackberry Bush | Update


Earlier this summer I told you about my struggles in finding a blackberry bush that would survive in zone 4.  After much searching I found some on eBay.  The seller sent me three little plants (about 4-5 inches tall).  I had very low expectations for these to survive since I bought them online, but low and behold, they did awesome!  All three have grown so much that I had to put a fence up mid-summer to prevent them from creeping into the other berries nearby.  For an added cherry on top, two of the plants had even started producing blackberries. I had really hoped that they would mature in time to try them, but they became victim to the winter cold.  I can’t wait to see how these take off in the spring.  This was definitely a positive online shopping experience!

Blackberry Plants
My three blackberry plants
Blackberry Garden
A few of my blackberries

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5 thoughts on “Blackberry Bush | Update

  1. Blackberries are so amazing! We have them growing wild all around our property. I have a funny story about blackberries, actually.

    At our previous home, I bought a blackberry plant and planted it. I waited and waited and it just didn’t grow. So, my husband got fed up with it and dug it up and chucked it along with some seeds, in the area between our shed and fence.

    Fast-forward about 3 years…we discovered huge, rambling blackberry bushes, spanning about 8 feet wide along that fence. They were so high I actually had to pull them down to me to pick them. We had completely forgotten about tossing the plant back there! What a great surprise! 🙂


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