Junket Tossed & Found + Time Bomb Vintage

On Saturday I met up with Suzi of Blue Car Painted Green on the Minnehaha Mile in South Minneapolis.  You should check out her blog about upcycling not only herself, but goods she finds along the way.  Suzi had recently posted on Twin Cities Bloggers looking for someone to check out some fun thrift shops together.  I love thrifting and have been on the hunt for some treasures to make garden art out of.

We started off the afternoon by meeting at Junket Tossed & Found.  This was my first time here and was immediately in love!  You can tell that they have put a lot of time and love into their store.  After introducing ourselves we began our search for the perfect trinket.

I ended up finding some fun metal letters that I plan to make into a decoration for my garden.  I also found some number stencils for a pot I want to paint with our house number on it.  There were so many fun items throughout the whole store, I can’t wait to go back!

A short walk down Minnehaha Ave we found Time Bomb Vintage.  The store is set up like a bunch of mini-stores, each featuring items from different vintage sellers.  I really liked the variety of items in the store; from vintage clothes, kitchen gear, old 78 records, to upcycled crafts and decorations.

At Time Bomb I found some flower patterned kitchen canisters that I plan to use as planters.  I also found a really cute glass canister that I intend to make a terrarium out of.  I can’t wait to get started!

Overall, it was a great afternoon of shopping.  I’m so glad to have met Suzi and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with using the treasures she found as well!

Junket 6
Junket Tossed & Found – You must check out when in Minneapolis!


Junket 4
I loved these typewriter keys!
Junket 3
Brilliant – a dragonfly out of old metals
Junket 2
Suzi searching for some treasures
Time Bomb 2
Time Bomb Vintage – another great shop on Minnehaha Ave!
Time Bomb 1
A great selection of vintage electronics
Time Bomb 3
All items were beautifully displayed
Junket 5
Our official thrift store selfie


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4 thoughts on “Junket Tossed & Found + Time Bomb Vintage

  1. Oh, my, gosh, Sarah! I just now saw this! Man, what a fun afternoon we had. I’m still working on my post. I think it’ll go up next weekend. I love your piece here, and I cannot WAIT to see your GROW yard art and the terrarium. Today I bought some supplies to work on the wall art with metal letters, but it’ll be a work in process for a bit. I’ll keep you posted. Cheers, friend!

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