Growing Peanuts

I came across some peanut plants this spring and decided to give them a try.  I wasn’t sure that peanuts could even grown in Minnesota, but figured the nursery wouldn’t sell anything we couldn’t grow, right?!  The plant had very pretty leaves and ended up growing to about 2 feet tall.  I kept them well watered and they received afternoon sun.

When frost advisories started up I decided to dig the peanut plants up and see what (if anything) I was able to grow.  Of the five peanut plants, I was able to grow three peanuts.  Not three cups of peanuts or three bags of peanuts, but three little peanuts.

We let them dry inside for a few days and then they really started to look like peanuts from the grocery store.  Since I don’t like eating peanuts I let my husband and daughter try them.  It was hard to find any recipes that only called for three peanuts 🙂  While this was fun to grow and a real pretty plant I don’t think I am going to grow it again next year.

One of my peanut plants this spring
Found some peanuts after digging up the plants this fall
My “crop” of peanuts this year

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