Re-Growing Grass in my Backyard

This year I have spent a lot of time starting over on my yard.  My neighbors don’t maintain their lawns (aka weeds) so each spring and summer for the last 10 years their weeds have crept into my yard.  Instead of working on my berry garden, or planting new flowers I instead spend my summer picking weeds and trying to stop them from taking over.  This year I got smart and started a border garden around my entire backyard.  For the first time ever I was able to focus my attention on something other than pulling weeds.  Yeah!

There are a lot of bare spots in my backyard due to spraying weed killer all of the time.  I’ve tried planting grass seed, but it never seems to stick since my soil is so dried up.  This fall I bought several bags of top soil and grass seed.  I started with a small section because A) I didn’t want to have it not work and have wasted a bunch of soil & seeds for nothing and B) I really don’t have tons of time to reseed my entire yard at once.  The process started by laying down a nice thick layer of top soil about 1 foot wide and running the length of my backyard along my house.  I heavily sprinkled grass seeds on the soil, watered every couple days, and watched the grass grow nice and green.  I didn’t want to risk ruining the grass by mowing over it, but the grass was starting to get pretty long after about two weeks.  Instead of mowing, I took out a garden shears and cut the tops off of the grass blades.  Once a section was started I started a new section.

I’d love to continue on with this, but in reality it is getting cold overnight and frost advisories have started.  I think I will wrap it up for this year, but take off starting in the spring.  I’m so glad that I found something that works for my lawn and keeps the weeds at bay!

Regrowing Grass

From L to R: Poor soil and little grass (but no weeds!), top soil with seeds sprinkled on top, final product – bright green grass!

2 thoughts on “Re-Growing Grass in my Backyard

  1. That looks great, worth the effort! I aerated then seeded my yard this fall and it seemed to help thicken the grass.

    Have you written more about getting rid of the weeds, that’s what I need to focus on along one property line.


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