Mommy Daughter Weekend Project | Leaf Art

Recently I saw an idea of a fun fall craft to make on Edible Garden Show’s twitter page. This project involved picking out a variety of leaves from the yard and creating animals out of them.

My daughter and I walked around the yard and collected as many different types of leaves as we could. For ease in creating, you will want to pick leaves that have recently dropped as they will be brighter and smoother.  We then went inside and started to experiment with the leaves to see which animals we could make.  After some creative brainstorming I ended up creating a bird in a forest and my daughter made a zebra under the sun.  It was so much fun to see what she came up with.

After deciding on our animals and laying them out on paper we simply glued all of the leaves into place and just like that we had two new art projects to hang on the wall! Thanks Edible Garden Show for the great idea!

Mommy Daughter Weekend Project | Leaf Art
Collect a variety of colorful leaves
Mommy/Daughter Weekend Project | Leaf Art
Lay out a few options
Mommy Daughter Weekend Project | Leaf Art
On the right is her zebra, on the left are some trees and the sun


Mommy Daughter Weekend Project | Leaf Art
My lovely bird in the woods with a sun

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