Making Raspberry Leaf Tea

I have been looking into ways to grow my own tea at home.  I found a lot of ideas around growing some standard herbs for tea; chamomile, mint, lavender.  Recently I came across some posts regarding Red Raspberry Leaf Tea.  This is exactly as it sounds – leaves from red raspberry bushes.  Since I have a large patch in my yard I figured to give it a try.

The tea can either be brewed with fresh leaves, or by using dried leaves.  I decided to dry my leaves since I ended up cutting a lot from the bushes.  I kept a few out though and make a cup of tea using the fresh leaves while the rest dried.  It surprised me to find the leaves smelt pretty fruity, I guess I expected more of a grass smell.  The leaves were put on trays and dried overnight.  I ended up having enough dried leaves to fill 3 pint jars.

To use, just crumble the leaves into either a tea bag or a reusable k-cup and brew with hot water.  The tea came out very light, but definitely had a flavor to it.  I’m excited to keep drinking this since it’s not only delicious, but free since I only have to cut leaves off of bushes I already have.  The tea only needs either a few fresh leaves, or a small scoop of crumbled dried leaves.

Fresh Picked Raspberry Leaves
First: cut leaves off of my raspberry plant
Leaves ready to dry
Second: after washing, lay leaves out on dehydrator
Dried leaves
Third: set dehydrator for the lowest temperature and dry until leaves easily crumble
Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
Fourth: pack leaves into an air tight container until ready to brew

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