Finishing Touches To My Hosta & Day Lily Garden…For Now

Hosta & Day Lily Garden

Earlier I told you how I turned an awkward piece of my yard into a new hosta and day lily garden.  This summer I have been slowly adding grass clippings to the area as a (free) mulch to help kill the weeds sprouting up.  Once I had a good base of grass clipping mulch going, I picked up some wood chips from the store.  I contemplated just putting wood chips along the house, surrounding the plants, but decided to jazz it up a bit and put wood chips as a path as well.  I’ve been picking up 4-6 pavers at a time when I go to Menards and gradually lining them along the garden.

I am so excited to have an area that is not only weed free, but has some color and order to it.  The pop of green on the tan wood chips looks great in person.  As of present, I’m about 1/3 of the way done on this garden.  The grey you see on the far right on the pictures is where my neighbor’s dead grass starts.  It is very tempting to “fix” that, but I want to finish my projects first.  I thought this would be the last step, but I’m toying with the idea of putting some stepping stones along the path.

Hosta & Day Lily Garden

2 thoughts on “Finishing Touches To My Hosta & Day Lily Garden…For Now

  1. I love it, and frankly you can NEVER go wrong with Hosta and Daylily for easy care and quick growth! As a matter of fact, before moving to MN I never really “got” hostas but I’m a diehard fan of them now! Thanks for sharing this with us on Throwback Thursday!



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