First Attempt at Canning Salsa

Last weekend we had lunch at a friend’s house. On our way out they insisted we take some tomatoes and peppers home from their massive backyard veggie garden.  They had picked four 5-gallon buckets already that weekend and their bushes were still pretty full.  So home we went with five gallons of tomatoes, jalapenos, and habaneros.

I knew right away that I wanted to make some salsa and eventually some pasta sauce, but there was so much of it that there was no way it was going to stay fresh for very long.  Out came the canning equipment for the second time this summer/my life.

There are so many salsa recipes out there that it is hard to recommend any; so much of it comes down to personal preference.  My husband loves it super hot and I prefer just a little zip.  I first went to the grocery store and picked up some onions and bell peppers as we like the flavor in our salsa.  After washing and chopping several batches I had two large bowls filled with salsa.  With the salsa ready and the jars ready based on the instructions provided; I was all set!

We were able to fill four 1-quart jars and let them set in the hot water bath for 45 minutes.  After they were done in the pot I let them sit on a cooling rack for 24 hours.  Three of the jars had sealed properly and didn’t “click” when I pushed the top.  The fourth jar didn’t seal right (most likely user error), so that would be the first one we will eat.  The three that sealed properly will be safe to store for up to a year.  Knowing how much salsa my family eats, I will surprised if it lasts until winter.

Just a suggestion – use caution with how many jalapenos and habaneros you put in your salsa.  I underestimated the extreme hotness of habaneros in one of these batches and the salsa was super hot… delicious… but super hot.

Fresh Veggies
Prepping tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, jalapenos & habaneros.
Salsa ready to be canned
Mixed salsa added to hot jars.
Just prior to being canned
Salsa getting ready to take a dip
Finished Salsa
Finished Salsa!

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