Our Weekend Family Garden Project

Since fall is arriving, and soon after that – several feet of snow, I have been thinking of ways to get our indoor plants started.  We enjoy having a few houseplants year round, as well as some herbs and flowers that just grown inside for the fall/winter/spring.  Recently I arranged my new Herbal Tea Garden and have those pots in our kitchen window.  I wanted to also have something that would interest my daughter.  I found some ideas online and merged a couple into our project below.

For starters, we needed a close up photo (or “selfie” as the cool kids call it) of everyone in the family.  Some of us were cooperative while one of us took “close up” way too literal.  My husband cut four 12oz pop (or soda/Coke if you live anywhere outside of Minnesota) bottles in half.  We taped our pictures onto the front of the bottles, then filled them with fresh top soil.  You certainly could use nice potting soil, but considering we were making us each bottles of grass-hair I really didn’t feel like splurging.  I sprinkled some grass seeds on top and then put our faces on the kitchen window ledge.  Ultimately grass will grow making it look like we have green hair.  Simple amusement, but my daughter was stoked! Now we just sit back and wait a few days for our new hair to grow.

Step 1
Step 1: Drink your favorite pop and save the bottles. You’ll need one per person. Cut the bottles to your desired height.
Step 2
Step 2: Tape your photos on the front. Intentionally line up the top of your head with the top of the bottle…or in my husband’s case, just center your eye ball on the bottle.
Step 3
Step 3: Fill bottles with soil and seeds of your choice. For ease and quickness, we chose grass seeds.
Step 4
Step 4: Place your faces/bottles in a sunny spot, water regularly, and wait for your hair to grow!

 ———-Two Weeks Later ———–

Finished Project
After two weeks we have already had to cut our hair twice!

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