Two Fun Blog Updates

I started this blog in June as a way to have a creative outlet, as well as to document how I am (slowly) transforming my yard and garden into something great.  While I’m absolutely no expert in gardening, I’m still a gardener who is trying and failing and trying again to get my garden just how I want it.

A few weeks ago I was nominated by Simply Save for the VVersatile Blogger Awardersatile Blogger Award!  Thank you for the nomination Simply Save; and be sure to check out her money saving tips and advice for living a simpler life.  With that, I am supposed to share 10 things about myself.

  1. This summer I tried to make my own fruit wine for the first time.  It’s still in the process, so I don’t know if it’s delicious or not yet.
  2. I am so very lucky to have the best daughter and puppy in the world!
  3. I’m slightly addicted to traveling.  Europe is my favorite and I can’t wait to get back there.
  4. I confess – I’m a fan of 80’s & 90’s boy bands…still.
  5. Alpha-Bits are my favorite cereal ever – I’m so excited they are making a comeback.
  6. I have a Certificate in American Sign Language Studies.
  7. With #6, I had wanted to be an ASL Interpreter for Recreation programs & events…but the school schedule wasn’t compatible with my work schedule, so I got my Certificate instead.
  8. I’ve lived my whole life in Minnesota (with the exception of a Study Abroad in London).
  9. Along with #8 – I’ve seen the Queen of England twice, and the band Queen once.
  10. I bought my first CD in about 10 years this week.  My kiddo is obsessed with Taylor Swift so instead of her wearing out my iPhone battery, I caved and got the CD.  While walking through Target I actually wondered for a moment if they even sell CDs anymore.


mnblogcon15-attendeeI just registered for the Minnesota Blogger Conference in November!  While I just blog casually, I think this will be a great chance to meet other bloggers in the area and to learn a lot about having a blog and keeping it going.  I’ve already connected with a fellow Twin Cities garden blogger, Everyday Urban Gardener, and we will chat about writing a joint garden post.

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