Adding Some Fall Annuals

I tend to purchase more perennials during the year, but will occasionally pick up some annuals from the garden center.  Since these only last one summer I try to purchase those that are not only the least expensive, but annuals that will spread and cover well.

Pretty easy - just needed a planter to fit the Mums
Pretty easy – just needed a planter to fit the Mums

For Mother’s Day this year I received a very fun circle planter with some beautiful annuals in it.  The planter has served as a centerpiece on our table on the deck.  Within the last week or two those annuals pretty much bit the dust.  I pulled out the plants and any sticks or leaves that had collected in the planter.  This week at Menards I found some Garden Mums on sale for $3.00.  I picked up one Mum that would fit perfectly in the planter.  Once at home, I split the Mum into two smaller plants, that would spread more, and put them in the planter.

Final Product!
Final Product!

Over the next couple weeks these Mums will grow and fill in.  I plan to post updates as the Mums continue to grow.

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