Iris Plants Are My Favorite Plants To Share

While I love to give and receive plants that needed to be split, I’d have to say that Iris plants are my favorite.  I received my first six Iris plants from my neighbor about six or seven years ago.  He had gotten a bunch from his uncle and didn’t have room to plant them all, so gave some to me.  I ended up planting them along the front of my house.  Little did I know, these things basically quadruple each year.  After two years I was able to dig some of those original Iris plants up, split them up and put elsewhere in my yard.  The following years I began offering Iris plants to friends of mine.  The plants were multiplying so quickly I couldn’t keep up with finding fun places to plant them.  This year I decided to make a garden on the side of my house solely for Iris plants.  It was a decent size part of my yard, but in a really awkward place to mow.  By putting the garden here it would give me one less weird pocket of grass to mow – yeah!  Each year I still give a fair amount away, but I’m interested to see what this garden will turn out like with only Iris plants.  While telling a colleague about the new garden this week she mentioned that she would love to have some Iris plants.  She even offered to trade me some Iris plants for Day Lilies of hers that need to be split.  Win-win!

2 thoughts on “Iris Plants Are My Favorite Plants To Share

  1. Two years in a row you’ve shared iris plants with me and it’s the only reason all the gardens around my house are not completely empty! Thank you for sharing something so low maintenance that someone without gardening skills can handle it! I love when they bloom and it’s neat to think of their story and how they’ve been passed on and spread around from so many people!


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